Anthony Grimes

Mediator / Family Dispute Practitioner

Variable hours 

Anthony Grimes is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Having been in practice as a mediator since 1999, Anthony can assist with a range of disputes. He also acts as child consultant in family law disputes. In addition, he offers mediation coaching, individual problem solving and clinical supervision for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. ​Anthony brings a wealth of experience across several sectors of public administration and welfare, including government department administration, family law service delivery, and family relationships service delivery and administration. He utilises co-mediation with several experienced female co-mediators. 

Therapeutic Approach:
• Mediation
• Trauma Therapy
• Reconciliation

Areas of expertise:
• Family Law Mediation
• Children's Matters
• Child Inclusive Practice / Child Consultant in Family Law Disputes
• The Richards Trauma Process(TRTP)
• Property & Financial Matters
• Mediated Agreements, Consent Orders & Lawyers
• Certificates For Court (Under Section 60 I of The Family Law Act)
• Other Family Mediation
• Parent-Adolescent Disputes
• Sibling Disputes
• Adult Offspring
• Family Reconciliation
• Couple Relationship Disputes
• Elder Care
• Workplace And Collegial Disputes
• Clinical Supervision and Mediation Coaching 

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